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I permitted the market to breathe without me for a duration of 3 hours and now I am back sailing the seas in search of plunder.

My intent is to find weak vessels that have treasure and take it. Heavily shorted stocks are easy pickings. Look at BB and KOSS and AMC — all joining the GME frenzy up massively for the day. Gains of 200% are commonplace now — because establishment finance have been uprooted.

Yes this all feels very good. But if I have ever learned anything in all of my years on this earth it is this: the plebs never win. The most likely outcome is a raping prison for some people who hurt our beloved hedge funds. I do not advocate it — but it’s just the way it is. You are now messing with the crown jewel of Empire Americana and the people who provide the devils in DC with money are being thrashed about the face, tied to a gibbet now.

I don’t know when it will happen — but an event will occur, something insidious, and all this joyous riot will cease and we’ll be back to reading 13-d filings again and fearing the Muddy Waters tweets — hating all of it for its stupidity.

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  1. heckler

    Who gets bailed out first? Stimi checks for the plebs or the hedge funds?

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  2. trumpmeister

    Bought stonks with today selloff.

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