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Losing Money is Hard to Do — Believe Me I Try

I wake up every day hoping today is the day when I will fail, a severe drawdown to make me cry. Instead, I am cursed with win after win after win. Yesterday’s 10% gain on 5% position sizes was something to behold and I am grateful for it. But I am not supposed to be up again, with the market weak, especially +300bps. I’d like to lose money, if at all possible.

Having so much success and enjoyment isn’t healthy. Ever since young inside of the sewers of Brooklyn I fought as the underdog — kicking the older kids in the nuts whenever the tried to take my candy. Now I am trying to give away my candy and no one will take it. I do not like being the older kid taking candy from the others. I refuse to believe it.

Today’s booked trades include BYND +24%, RGS +10%, ESPR +9.4%, YALA +9.4%, SDC +7.7% — and on and on and on. Truly sickening.

I am buying stocks heavily shorted and also volume breakouts, provided by Stocklabs. Yes I know we are almost 24 months into the SL build and I still do not release it. Maybe just maybe I am afraid to release it — because then you’d all have my time machine. Maybe Stocklabs would be better off in just my hands? Nevertheless, you can click on that link for a beta trial if and when I choose to launch it.


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