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A Significant Shift in the Power of the Financial Landscape is Underway

They’ll call it a mania — shares of GME lifting not in spite of but because of short sellers targeting it. The stock careened higher with an arched malevolence against establishment finance. The old newsletters and the pumpers and the hedge funds, all of them were wrong on this entire move. Fuck them all — burn them down and rip out their lungs.

The market has always been a game. Eventually earnings season corrects things. But in between reality and fantasy is this — the netherworld of spirit that permeates the essence of price discovery. All day stocks that were heavily short lifted off. Even mundane names like TR and BGS got fucking maniac squeezed — 15-100% jumps were ordinary today. Old school names like BB and NOK lifted off for the fun of it. This is the ultimate mockery for a system that we all know is rigged and a joke.

So why not take the power of the ordinary retail client at Robinhood and leverage them to turn this charade into an obscenity? Why not target stocks hated by hedge funds and popular opportunists and turn them against them — break them across our bows and punish them?

The playing field is not even anymore. Dare I say, the ordinary pleb is pitched forking the hedge fund community and all of the establishment shills in finance now and laughing at them. This is a golden age in finance and I know it won’t last forever, since power corrupts absolutely. But while it lasts, I will enjoy every second of it.

I closed out the session +985bps.

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  1. soupbone

    endearing and cruel at once is the game. never selling is my escape from that. dealing with losers is my main preoccupation.

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  2. maxx2000

    Congrats Senor Fly on some breathtaking wins as of late.

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  3. purdy

    Nice – though very annoying that you can blog, tweet, troll, and run a business – – and make 10% day trading to boot! When I get my next $1400 bonus and my unemployment bonus, I’m going to open a Robinhood account and make big money too.

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