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Booked Some Gains, Now Just Lying Around Waiting for Something to Happen

I took about a dozen profitable trades off the table today, with LTHM and BEEM being both double digit winners. I have since redeployed and have about 30% cash, eagerly awaiting for something to happen.

Perhaps the President will do a drive by again, waving to his friends outside of Walter Reed hospital?

Or, maybe Joe Biden and his communist friends will SOAR in the CNBC polls yet again, providing both comfort and safety for the investment community?

One thing is for certain, something always happens.

I am up 220bps for the day, finally breaking a string of losing streaks that made me so depressed, I grew a beard. I know, growing a beard is degenerate as fuck — makes a man look like a feral animal who enjoys spending time in the woods. I will have you know, Le Fly doesn’t give a shit about the woods and rather ENJOYED the west coast fires. I am not a pyromaniac, per se, but I do enjoy a good fire.

CNBC is more than usually insufferable. I’d like to light them ablaze too.

Voting is here and we’re all enjoying this election season, even more than usual. I have no doubt the best man will win and also the voting will be clean, honorable, and without fraud.

Also, I love all of my readers.

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  1. zusch

    having long hair makes you overly emotional

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  2. barbee

    You got your wish….Something happened.
    Please don’t make anymore ‘wishes’ like that.
    Thanks. 🙂 I Love You Too.

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