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Growth Stocks Continue to Slip Into Bear Market Territory

Do not look now, but innumerable names are fucked heavily inside of a bear market. The proverbial ‘fag box‘ if I might so bold. And I am the absolute BIGGEST advocate for gay rights, so don’t step to me with homophobia rants. and ravings. Dare I say, Le Fly is the very beacon of prosperity and human rights in the world today.

Moving on, I churned myself into a 0.7% gain today, which is fine by me. I had a grande time doing it and even my FUCKING QUANT recovered some, closing down just 1%.

Here were my trades. I ended the session with 60% cash.

(RRGB -3.7%) x2
ALT +4.6%
DUST +4.1%
(SWCH -4.22%)
(TRIP -3.2%)
SQQQ +8.5% x3
TNXP +7.4%
IBIO +4.5%
BLNK +3.7%
CLVS +5%
FMCI +2.2%
(KODK -2.7%)
(BNTX -3.4%)

Yes, I managed to lose money in KODK. Sometimes you win, other times you get KODACKED. I am using the tools inside STOCKLABS exclusively now and I cannot stress to you enough how amazing it is. I know, I will make money off future subscriptions and everyone thinks their shit is the best. But this truly is, because I took my time, now 1.5yrs in, and we tailor made it to fit the demands of actual traders, not larping faggots who pretend to be good. I am good, God damn it, and there’s not a single one of you out there who can trade better than me!

Back to the matter of BEAR MARKETS and such. We are talking about SAAS stocks, LULU, VRM, COUP, CHWY, DOCU and all of ‘the best’ stocks in the market taking a breather. Perhaps this is good, as it lets steam out and reduces the excess. But it is something you need to pay attention to — because I am telling you now there is a whole cadre of fucked for brains out there averaging down with a fever for the past two weeks and those cocksucking motherfuckers are about to get margin called the hell out from the market.

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  1. ha

    Imagine a new female reader of this here blog who just started reading the previous post about Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim. And now being perplexed about the very beacon of prosperity and human rights in the world today.

    Her chances of “getting it” are slim and none.

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  2. benbernanke2020

    traffic dropped ? i was reading your blog daily for the last 7 years. suddenly stopped 2 months ago.

    simply leaving a message here to remind other web navigator that the rest of the web is shit

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  3. benbernanke2020

    oh right i got pissed because i never got the beta invite to stocklab

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