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Buffett Makes Some Extraordinary Moves — Dumps America

You can clearly see what he’s thinking here. Ponder these two moves.

Liquidated positions:

Berkshire closed the following positions: $DAL (from ~71.89 mln shares), $LUV (from ~53.64 mln), $AAL (from ~41.91 mln), $UAL (from ~22.16 mln), $OXY (from ~18.93 mln), $QSR (from ~8.44 mln), $GS (from ~1.92 mln)

New positions:

GOLD (~20.92 mln shares)

He also reduced positions in the following:

WFC (to ~237.58 mln shares from ~323.21 mln shares), SIRI (to ~50 mln from ~132.42 mln), JPM (to ~22.21 mln from ~57.71 mln), BK (to ~72.36 mln from ~79.77 mln), PNC (to ~5.35 mln from ~9.2 mln), MTB (to ~4.54 mln from ~5.38 mln), V (to ~9.99 mln from ~10.56 mln), MA (to ~4.56 mln from ~4.93 mln), CHTR (to ~5.21 mln from ~5.43 mln)

Interestingly, Bill Ackman added to QSR and dumped his stake in BRK.

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  1. bambam

    You neglected to mention July and August massive buys of BAC stock.
    Airlines.. who knows how that pans out right?

    Ackman is the dope who on CNBC… cried like a baby while in a short position and then went long? You mean that drama queen who should do some time in pound me in the ass prison? F him. Guy always has an agenda for what he’s doing and it’s always selfish. Why can’t COVID get some of these d-bags

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