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Major Tech reports and FOMC announcement due out before a very clean Friday month end

Is there anything better than when a calendar month ends right on a Friday? There isn’t. This kind of order makes the pleasure receptors in my OCD brain light up. It is very human to organize things. For example growing plants. What kind of sorcery is this, deciding what grows where and what shape it will be an what will grow alongside it? If you google earth Mothership, you would notice the entire quarter acre plot is arranged into a spiral—swirling around two times with a fountain in the center.

This is my art.

I want to develop more land. Come winter, and believe me WINTER IS COMING, I intend to buy some distressed property and fix it right. For now I shall toil in these electronic markets, extracting as much american fiat as I possibly can from this dystopian matrix. Said funds will be used to buy land. Said land will be worked like only a southern Italian immigrant can, for forty hard years and made to yield grapes, corn, heckin’ eggplants and potatoes and tomatoes. Citrus trees grown in hot houses. This is my duty.

My wealth is in loyalty dating back more than thirty years. Folks who used to build forts and dirt ramps in the woods who have gone on to become powerful titans of industry both domestic and abroad.  Yesterday we got the gang together for the first time since the dang COVID-19 hit. We discussed the R.R.F. which where we collectively decide which publicly traded stocks represent must own investments. These companies are immortal and ubiquitous and will eventually usurp the power of sovereign states and their archaic borders. We already own several of these stocks, but next week I will up my stakes in some of these and initiate the rest to form a balanced holding of the following names:


The only other companies I will remain invested in are of course TSLA and TWTR. Both positions are larger than the above portfolio combined.

I initiated a COVID-19 investment last week that I intend to see through at least year-end. It is kind of absurd, but also kind of not ridiculous:

Del Taco. Heckin’ Del Taco baby. This place makes delicious tacos using Beyond Meat and you can also buy crinkle cut french fries. CRINKLE CUT. They are the crack. Their restaurants are the right format to serve folks weary of the COVID bug. There is room for so many more of their shops throughout fat america. This is a growth story that just perfectly fits our current environment. I am a huge TACO bull. This is not some pump piece either. I realize it is already up +13% since I initiated my position, and how it may seem like I am here to puff it up a bit more then sell it. That is not the case. I am not some pile of trash from Seeking Alpha who is always looking to get over on someone. I am from Detroit. I work long and hardt, and when I invest it is long term and with Midwestern patience.

My only other investments are in oil and gas, which is sort of retarted and maybe I will sell them. They are like a hedge against my ideologies. They are the opposite of everything progressive and sophisticated and environmentally forward. WES and PTR. Two cancers of the world that will eventually die. But for now I remain invested after buying them deep down in the depths of the March trough.

So there it is, my entire equity portfolio.

Now back to the NASDAQ futures. We have a clean week ahead. With July ending on a Friday very nicely. In between then and now is an FOMC meeting, a Fed chair presser, Facebook earnings, then earnings from Amazon, Alphabet and Apple. The three A’s of the future. Your benevolent tech overlords. IndexModel is neutral. No bias. That means I do not trade. There is no reason for me to trade next week. I will let the big guns shoot at each other and come back into the waters come Augusto.

Cheers and trade’em well.

Raul Santos, July 26th 2020

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  1. tradercaddy

    Talk about contradictions.
    I own an EV (I like it so much that I intend to buy another one in a year or two and ditch the ICE second car) and own plenty of ETFs that play in the oil sector (XOP,IEZ,XES,VDE).
    But then again I trade them (buy the dips and sell the runs).
    I actually believe we will see 60-80+ in crude soon enough as supply is being worked through.

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    • Raul3

      okay cool, so I am not alone in this thinking good to hear

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