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Markets look pretty good, all things considered. They do not collapse and do not profit take, so we can only assume they want higher. Admittedly, I’ve been distracted the past two weeks and I’ve placed trading on the back burner the past few days. I am not an octopus. I

I am still long two BLM stocks, based solely on the fact that both businesses are owned by black people. It’s important to me that I support this movement in this way, in order to end financial oppression. I was up 50% on both, but now I am down and that can only mean one thing: RACISTS ARE ON THE FUCKING MOVE AGAIN.

Do not worry, this won’t get too uncomfortable. I’m just a guy trying to make a few shekels in the market using tragedy as my disguise for profit. No big deal.

So what type of person sells a black owned business? A god damned racist, that’s who. I’ll likely average down today, in order to position myself for financial success. Or not. Truth is, I haven’t even looked at the market yet and I am sure there are some delicious fish out there to be eaten.

Off to fish.

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    iBC, the best and possibly last refuge of idle non-pc banter.

    In other matters, it seems the US will need to hit us over the head with a digital dollar at some point. https://boxmining.com/east-asian-digital-currency/

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