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Trade Idea: Online Education in China

Theory: No one in China will ever get to leave their apartments again. A foil in the plan:

A Hong Kong apartment building was partially evacuated due to possibility virus was transmitted through pipes

Fuck. But let’s just say the pipes cannot kill all of the people in China, schools are 100% closed. As you already know about the Chinese, they love their schooling. Ergo, and this goes without saying, while the quarantine is in effect the children must still be educated. This is why stocks like DAO, TAL, COE, DL — just to name a few — blasted the fuck off. Period end of story.

I am long DAO for the glory.

Another interesting play is data servers — people bogged out trading Bitcoin all day waiting for the pipes to kill them, has resulted in sharply higher Bitcoins.

GDS is your play.

A great cocaine rally day for stocks. There is nothing out there able to stop it, not even the plague.

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  1. it is showtime

    If you see a black porsche with plate ‘DARKDIVE’
    say hi

    The sniping lately shows how low pedigree some of you are.
    Mark it fake fuckups.
    Just reflects your lowly makeup. Let’s compare lifetime concert lists.

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    • warpig

      Truly zero people care how many bitcoins you have saved for your rainy day Armageddon fantasy or how many Madonna concerts you’ve been front row at.

      Low IQ, unfortunate genetic makeup and gargantuan inferiority complex. Psychobabble regurgitation like you read about.

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      • it is showtime

        Just a counterpunch. You look so lowly, trying to manufacture slander unprovoked.

        This has overt, inherent nullification “Low IQ, unfortunate genetic makeup and gargantuan inferiority complex.”

        None comports with reality.
        Which makes you look APE – LIKE.
        For needing to assert it.

        [In the real world, concert lists are extremely-viable for comparison]

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  2. chuck bennett


    Who are you talking to? Did I miss something ?
    I’m not being an asshole, just trying to figure it out.

    All the best,

    Chuck Bennett

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