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A General Update on the Coronavirus

This is not getting any better and it’s important to remind you fuckers of several points.

  • Chinese tourism adds $260 billion to the global economy per annum.
  • Chinatown eateries in NYC and San Fran are reporting 50-70% declines in business.
  • Since the plague, food prices have soared, with pork up 114%. Hello inflation.
  • Over 1,000 deaths have been reported and 43,090 infected.
  • One man infected about 10, meaning there are super-spreaders out there. Case in point, that fucking Japanese cruise ship with ~150 infected.
  • In HK, they evacuated an apartment building because they suspect it spread via the pipes.
  • The virus can last up to 9 days on surface.
  • A woman diagnosed is believed to have contracted the disease 42 days ago.
  • People can spread it without showing symptoms.
  • Conspiracy theorists claims the amount of sulfur dioxide being emitted over Wuhan suggests organic material being incinerated, enough equaling 14,000 bodies.
  • A 13th person has been diagnosed and is in San Diego.

Markets don’t give a fuck.

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  1. fxtradepro

    Nasdaq about to go “full retard” to the upside.

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  2. it is showtime

    May I remind you fuckers the Fed is running $75B+ per night
    Plus pboc Tril. The repo reach around may have been for futs and intraday
    They’re doing a vertical endgame like blitz into a black swan global event

    The thing itself is mutating cytokine. Airborne. Weaponized design.
    Actual infections over a mil, don’t begin to insult me massaged news nums
    (you know about the double books that showed up online right…)

    the unfolding…escalating…scenario is likely being momentarily rused
    a full stock market ruse operation vindictively carried out as postulated

    textbook meltdown – warning – you sheeplike pukes

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    • metalleg

      Why do you write like you are gasping for air?

      Take a deep breath and let it out slowly and in full sentences.

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  3. purdy

    – I’d add that the CDC says 25% of those infected will need ICU-level care (no country can handle that)
    – death rate seems to be 5% or more …but who knows for sure

    Maybe it fades away as flu season ends – – but there’s not a lot of good reportage on the subject.

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  4. numbersgame

    Sen. Cotton now says that it is up o China to*prove* that it wasn’t a bioweapon. Is it even *possible* to prove something like that to someoen so partisan? The only way Sen Cotton would believe that is if god himself (ie, Donald Trump) says it,

    Fo his part, Xi has said things are going great and that China will be “more prosperous” after the virus. That’s probably why there’s a cruise ship floating about with zero cases of the virus and no place to dock. Nobody want to take a risk on catching a prosperity epidemic.


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  5. the good life

    *sips Sauternes*

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