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Wuhan is Officially Under Martial Law — No One Enters or Leaves the City

They’re testing people for fever and then placing them in quarantine camps, like the one’s in the leaked video below. But some people are taking fever suppressants in order to leave China and visit Disneyland.

Obviously, China is hiding something. People are probably turning into fucking zombies and eating each other’s brains. Why in the fuck are they blocking off the city like the Black Death is upon them?

City officials are now gassing the fucking city, treating them like cockroaches, in an effort to stem the tide.

Does this look like the flu to you?

As for the official toll, they’re saying 577, but scientists in the UK say it’s much higher — possibly 4,000+.

Stay tuned for more Merchant of Death news tomorrow.

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  1. bintercorp

    The good news is that China has to stop selling live food/animals in markets, including puppy wolves and feral cats that help caused this mess in the first place. But they’ll be back to eating puppies shortly and I hope they all die for it.

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  2. mrcharlie

    Fly, youre my favorite merchant of death! 🙂

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