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Dow 30,000 Here We Come

There are certain milestones that will always be hit, such as stocks at $96 going to $102. I call it the “hundred dollar roll.” The insatiable appetite for greed that is embedded into the souls of all men. Like fear, these emotions make us doing things we normally wouldn’t want to, such as positioning for a 700 point run to 30,000.

It’s the easiest trade in the world — because the people who created the simulation primed us long ago. Back in 1999, there was an idiot calling for Dow 36,000. During this era, many people make market calls based on numerology, the convenience of round numbers — the notion that a milestone is an important market for humankind. It’s all bullshit.

But it’s going to happen.

Mark it down and time stamp this fucker right into your face.

I sold three stocks this morning, all purchased last week.

SPCE +9%
OSMT +18.8%
PRVB +9.7%

This is what I do. I mint coin and then share it with others. I am like Robinhood, but I take money from the very rich and give it to the up and coming rich. Fuck the poor. Boring.

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    “Fuck the poor” LOL! classic Dr. Fly

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