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That’s right bozo the clown, I used a fucking dollar sign as an S in my title. What are you gonna do about it? Oh, you might stop reading? The fuck do I care?

Look at these gainzzzz, just from today’s catch.

ETSY +2.5%
(PDD -5.8%)
NVS +0.9%
HUYA +4.3%
SPT +2.3%
HUBS +9%
IIPR +1%
ZEN +4.2%
SAGE +4.5%
(NEWR -0.58%)

I go out there in my fucking boat, with a fishing pole, and I catch giant tunas. Big fucking red tunas, nice and fresh. I toss the fuckers into my freeze and cover it with ice. Then I bring it to the fish market and sell it for a fuck load of coin. Big time profit. Said fish is then shipped to an eatery where a master chef cooks you the meal of your life. That’s what you get here, pal — pole to plate dinner service.

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  1. juice

    thanks for the mercury, boss

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  2. numbersgame

    Next week: *President* Trump signs Phase 1 trade deal on Wednesday while Xi sits at home and sends his lackey. Easy to see who wants a trade dael more right there.

    Can’t wait to see the text. Farmers sure to be disappointed. $50Billion in buys? I wonder if China has actaully promised ANYTHING that is enforceable, or if this is just like NK: empty promises from Kim in exchange for cessation of joint exercise with SK (+ brownie points for Trump’s base).

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  3. soupbone

    Amazing how hard they are all working to keep from setting off a financial disturbance. Chip and Dale’s everywhere now. All polite and forgiving. Not reassuring a bit.

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