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It’s Almost Here; Trade Freely and Bank Coin

Listen to me lads. You cannot lose now. We’re almost there. If you find yourselves wanting to sell short stocks ahead of Turkey execution day, punch yourself into the face and taste the blood of stupidity.

I booked a profit on INMD this morning.

INMD +18.5%
INMD +7.2%
INMD +5.9%

No big deal, on a 3x sized position. That was 15% of my trading account, a pleasurable sojourn into drugs that netted me fantastic bounty.

My next score is being lined up as we speak. I expect a magnanimous run tomorrow, so bear with me as I bowl on fuckers and make them look like pigmies.

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  1. numbersgame

    INMD was a well-tiemd trade. Congrats.

    I guess now that a China trade deal has been fianlly signed, Bulls can relax. I mean, I haven’t heard seen the WH press release on this, but it must be happenning with VIX < 12.

    Maybe it's just the tryptophan

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    Trump = GOAT

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