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Do Not Sell Short into Turkey Week

Interestingly, I am partaking in a mini Thanksgiving tonight, since my mother is visiting and leaving on Sunday. I will be presiding over affairs in the kitchen, cooking a turkey breast, stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranned berry sauce, and of course gravy. Wine will not be served, since House Fly is now dry town, bereft of alcoholic beverages until the summer.

The market did exactly what it was supposed to do this week, faking out the shorts every step of the way.

My last 5 trades.

SRPT +2.77%
CDLX +1.3%
NET +2.3%
GRUB +1.92%
MNK +3.2%

I’ve been harangued with small fish this month, beguiled by small winners and it’s a little frustrating. But life is frustrating and one cannot get flummoxed by the volatility of it — but instead I will weigh into it and apply pressure and push the envelope and create my own narrative thru brute force.

If you’re reading this and you had a bad week, betting it all on XYZ and got zeroed the fuck out — find solace in knowing there are men like me out there — perfectly willing to feed you fish. I do not pretend to want to teach you anything, nor will I make you a better trader — only a better follower. Life is simpler this way. Delegation thru competence is the fastest way to see results. Why, you wouldn’t try to redo your entire kitchen without having a lifetime of experience in the trade, would you? And if you did, you’d be embarrassed by the results — creating a rift between you and your wife, loved ones making fun of you during gatherings — leading to an unhappy life.

Spare yourself the humiliation and eventual divorce, join Exodus and eat the fish.

Enjoy your weekend.

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