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More Nothing; Friday Beckons

Today we had news of more China trade snags and stocks initially dropped, but then they recovered, naturally. I’ve been taking a lot of pissant wins for a specific reason and I hope to play my next hand with Space Alien Magician (SAM) precision.

One loss out of my last 8 isn’t too bad, but the gains are mostly stupid and rounding errors. Nevertheless, I’ve always found taking profits to be much better than losses and I feel all of those stocks will soon sink lower.

CRWD +2.2%
DDOG +1.83%
KSS +2.11%
OKTA +3%
(AUY -7.1%)
KL +2.5%
NVCR +1.23%
EVBG +1.57%

There are exceptions. I’m wondering about gold here — due to Friday and also rates. There could be a nice bounce in gold coming — or not. Bottom line, risk is certainly on and VIX is certainly low. One could argue there is an overabundance of hubris in this tape and that a comeuppance is long overdue.

Punishment is in order — one could only hope for it. Long ago, when markets were free from the yoke of the bankers, men and women, mostly men, traded with honor and dignity. Prices fluctuated and corrections were absorbed. It was part of the economic cycle — booms and busts. But now we have only boom and because there aren’t any busts — Gen Xers like myself look toward this market will cynical intentions. Naturally if you’re under 40 and fall into the millennial demographic, you are just a stupid cow of a person — beholden to the tits of the central banks — glad for it. Happy to be a cuck.

God willing, in our lifetime, we will extricate ourselves from the malevolent forces of the Fed and break free from this odious bull market and collapse it — crush all of the citizenry, eat the rich, and kill the poor.


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  1. soonerxii

    “men and women, mostly men” even better when read in a Chevy Chase voice

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  2. jacked rabbit

    Stocks will do what they do. I’m still hung up on the age old question: is the Orbital Space Cannon fueled by creatine or grits these days?

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