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OECD Forecasts Slowest Global Growth Since 2008

Shitty western nations will grow at a tepid pace of 2.4% this year and a slothful 2% next year, down from 2.8% and 2.3%, respectively — due to global haranguing, much to do about trade wars and BREXIT, according to the OECD. But thanks to third world shitholes who enjoy greater growth, the global scheme will grow at a 2.9% clip this year — down from 3.6%, representing, however, the slowest growth since the financial crisis.

As such, panic should ensue.

“What looked like temporary trade tensions are turning into a long-lasting new state of trade relationships,” OECD chief economist Laurence Boone told Reuters.

“The global order that regulated trade is gone and we are in a new era of less certain, more bilateral and sometimes assertive trade relations,” she added.

We are in an era of ‘less certain’ and although you’re too stupid to see it now, we’re all fucked. The economy is slowing. Rates are getting slashed left and right. Gold is barreling higher, all the while Saudi oil fields are getting precision bombed by shit-shieks in Iran. Everything you thought you knew about the world is an absolute lie. Space is a painting and the earth is flat like a pizza. Antarctica is a fraud, etc.

Buy stocks.

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