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You Have My Permission to Sell

I kicked out of most of my gold positions today, save two silver ones. Normally, I reserve these missives for the gentlemen and Jungle inside Exodus — but I felt it incumbent upon me to relay this warning.

Yields are fucking low and can run a good bit higher from here. Bonds and gold have been trading hand in hand. If you’re being tactical now, sell gold and buy back later. Preserve your gains and go spend some money at the local Harris Teeter.

Here is the bounty that I gathered in gold.

NUGT +17.6%
MUX +16.1%
RGLD +6.3%
AUY +15.9%

Proceeds have been reserved and my end of day trade fast approaches. Yesterday’s pick was BBBY. You’re welcome to those who followed me in.

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  1. ferd

    …The Fly reacts to a recent comment comparing him to Senator Cement Head.

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  2. teslawasright

    Too late to sell, should have been this mornin

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  3. numbersgame

    Fly, glad you took my advice – and congrats again for your timing on boarding the Goooolllddd Train.

    In other news, the markets are pretty much at the same point they were on Friday at 10am. I guess that makes sense, becuase there has been no major news domestically (like no tariff escalations or anything like that) and nothing internationally (like if Parliament was suspended to virtually ensure a hard Brexit or somethign else unexpected) that would affect the stock market since that time. Or did I miss something?

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