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Booked a Fast Profit on Chinese Coffee

Silly jackasses — the Chinese do not drink coffee. They drink green tea and eat red bean paste for breakfast, sandwiched in between two greasy prices of dough. With that being said, I booked an 8% overnight gain in LK.

Who’s gonna stop me?

Here are my last 15 overnight trades.

DRIP +28%
ROKU +2.5%
TVIX +5.7%
TZA +2%
FAZ +6%
TQQQ +4.5%
NUGT +21%
ROKU +6.4%
DUST -2.9%
AYX +5.4%
ZM +8.5%
PINS +9.5%
PAGS -0.5%
SFIX -3.5%
FAS +0.3%
BE -3.1%
LK +8.1%

Life is good and it’s gonna stay that way. I took out two overnight trades today, and I’d tell you, I really would — but they’re for members only. So sorry — fucked faces.

I have nothing bad to say about stocks; therefore, I do not have much to say at all.

Good day.

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  1. awanka

    Chinese coffee sounds like it would go great with Chinese burritos.

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  2. ferd

    I understand that only members get picks real time …but do you offer a service where us fucked faces don’t have to suffer hearing about trades after they’re closed?

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  3. spaceman

    I agree ?% I can’t handle it either anymore and I have been a reader for years and you want me to cash in one of my gold coins to join? I don’t need this harassment anymore.

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  4. Dr. Fly

    HAHAHA fuck you faggots. I don’t need any damned readers. Grifter class sub humans. Savages.

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