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Whatever happened on Monday can now be rendered meaningless. We’ve just about recaptured those losses, based upon news that Trump would delay tariffs on European autos for 6 months. Mind you, the market wasn’t going down on this news in the first place. As a matter of fact, I bet you dollars to donuts most of you didn’t even know the deadline for auto tariff review was on the 18th of May, yet here we are celebrating this trade war victory with dicks in hand and jizz all over our faces.

Fuck this shit.

You can buy the Nasdaq +100 on this news; I will remain, inexorably, in cash.

The technical set up is bullish and I’m still 100% long in my Quant and I still have longs, like RIOT, working. But I don’t have any interest buying now. The idea of me getting involved with this sort of brainless exercise gives me revulsions.

Right now, and straight away, evert boiler room financial advisor in America is sucking Dow Jones dick now, smugly reminding their followers of the virtues of long term investing — telling them to always tune out the doomsayers — because the market, quite literally, can never go down.

The signs of excess and decadence are everywhere. A great gigantic cock of a storm is going to wipe everything clean, soon, reducing you fuckers into crying babies, sacrificed upon the altar of arrogant pride and indecorous rapacity.

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  1. fidel cash grow
    fidel cash grow

    Want to see this rally evaporate? Let me close out of my inverse ETF position. Hang on a sec….

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