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Cryptos Are the Best Performing Asset of 2019

How about dat, fucked face? Forget about your stocks and bonds. How about some Ripple? Look at these fuckers run.

The volatility to the upside is back and Chinese money is piling in and everyone is thinking BTC is gonna make another run to 20,000. Who am I to stand in its way?

Time to log into my Binance account and add to my SAFU coins..

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  1. numbersgame


    I exepct similar performance to IPOs: run up immediately once trading goes live on Fidelity, lead by pension funds investing based on Wall Street’s advice. Then of course, Wall Street will fade the move they advised to their clients. Classic Goldman Sachs.

    “You should buy xxxx. In fact, we’re such great guys, we’ll even sell it to you!”

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  2. Good Shepherd

    $FLO and $RVN are the pure plays on OSTK and Medici

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    • Good Shepherd

      $BNB – Binance pure play
      $LINK – Oracles – 4ch coin
      $XRP – bank coin, lots of supply coming in over next 5 years from ripple labs inc
      $BAT – crypto advertising
      $BTC – global digital reserve currency

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