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Trump Knows How to Win China Trade War: CUT INTEREST RATES NOW FED!

This is bordering on inane, already.

Trump just tweeted this.

You know, I put up with a lot of nonsense from POTUS and he makes me laugh a great deal — but enough it enough with asking the Fed to cut rates while markets are at record highs. Do I think the Fed should’ve hiked rates? No. But they’re already there now and you can’t just cut them for the sake of winning trade wars or to get stock prices to go even higher.

I suppose I hate the Fed anyway, so maybe all of this Fed trolling is a good thing to undermine them and cause the public to lose faith in them. Nevertheless, it seems like a great big waste of fucking time and makes us look like jackasses on a grande giant stage — sucking Fed dick for a few points in the Spoos.

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  1. ferd

    It’s pretty funny how, in light of such tweets, he trolls nominating Fed members who have long supported a gold backed currency.

    Separately, trying another long silver here. It wants out of this declining wedge.

    Lastly, a rare hopeful headline …governments doing something rational and something which only governments can do. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-13/nasa-roscosmos-leadership-unite-call-asteroid-defense-game-changer-global-politics

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  2. tmmdn0

    If nothing else, Trump seems to be a free man.
    Right or wrong, smart or stupid, he goes with his gut.
    The Chinese have no comparable. They can only tolerate managed servitude politics.
    Let the Orange Man run wild and show the world what freedom looks like.

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  3. Po Pimp

    Stupid ass goldfish looking mother fucker.

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