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Morgan Stanley Belly Flops Hard on $UBER IPO Debacle

Remember when Morgan Stanley said Uber was worth $120 billion last year? Two days trading on the public markets and Uber is now worth just $61 billion, which is down $15 billion from the IPO valuation that Morgan Stanley thrusted upon the market.

Lucky for the Martha Vineyard faggots at MS — the market had been crashing the past few days and the UBER IPO debacle was back burner news. Now with markets set to bounce, I’m hoping we can properly execute them.

Where was the stabilization for the UBER IPO? What the fuck was Morgan Stanley doing — those greenshoe motherfuckers? They said the order book was 3x oversubscribed and yet here we are -18% from the IPO price.


It’s worth noting, Morgan Stanley was also lead underwriter for Facebook, which previous to this shit was the single worst IPO I could remember in modern times. The share price has since recovered nicely and time has allowed all previous transgressions go forgiven. But let’s never forget this one and make sure the cuckholds at Morgan Stanley never get to lead an important IPO ever again. Let’s all pray for the immediate demise of Morgan Stanley and hope good minded executives choose Goldman Sachs for all of their banking needs going forward.

This post was paid for by the wonderful gents at Goldman Sachs (kidding, don’t sue me bro).

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  1. Po Pimp

    But they did such a bang-up job on the $FB IPO.

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