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Can Keep My $NUGT’s Down

I’ve been in my deathbed all morning and afternoon and just woke up so that I could eat a sammich. I see stocks are flagging and my NUGT is now pressing the highs of the day. It truly is in beast mode and nothing can stop it — not even lower gold.

It must be horrible being you — disfigured monster in the comments sector or lurking, creepily, from afar — hoping to see Le Fly stumble, splatter, and fall — but it never happens. Must be horrible.

I have two predictions.

1. Stocks hit new record highs by Easter.
2. Avenatti goes to prison by Xmas.

I don’t have a best ideas list — leave me the hell alone.

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  1. mx2101

    No. You will not be left alone. You must take the dog for a,walk AT ONCE !

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  2. edge

    New highs by Easter. With the right earnings and guidance it could happen.
    Last gasp. For the Market, I mean.
    You’re fine, still ornery.

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  3. numbersgame

    New highs by Easter? You must still be feverish: the Bond market has already spoken.

    Any new highs would be no earlier than July, and that would be dependant on data (dropping US retail sales, dropping foreign economies, dropping housing sales) reversing direction.

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