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Markets Are Slowing Down and Boring — Time for MOAR Micro-Crap Pieces of Shit

Earlier today, some of you might’ve missed it, I got stopped out of IDEX for a 13% loss. What advantage to I gain from flaunting around my losses? Nothing but appeal — because I never want to set the illusion of being infallible, perfect in every way, in spite of being so damned close to it.

Testing the mood of the market, it’s clear to me that alternative energy, blockchain, cannabis, and gold are now the favored trading sectors in the market — with gold being the only real and tangible avenue of grandeur.

Listen to me now — I’ve purchased shares of FTFT, not because I like the company or believe in the merits of its CEO, or because I’ve heard rumors of positive pronouncements. None of that at all. I bought FTFT because it’s a dog shit stock with very low standing in the world. People who work there toil and are ashamed to admit working there. The company employs the worst people and do not offer competitive pay packages; hence morale is in the pits and everything about it screams scam.

But I don’t care about any of that — see. Le Fly hails from a place in America where the buildings are national treasures, secretive, and protected under the auspices of a dark regime. My weekends entail movies at the theatre, dinner at the eatery, cocktails in the house — dogs running wild in the fenced in yard chasing after trespassing deer. Late night drives now include zigging around dead animals, limbs of trees — zagging around piles of leaves and mounds of mulch — fuckery largess. Life outside the city walls is both bland and moribund — but safe, safe from the degeneracy and the addled asylum patients rampaging throughout the city with infected needles — shit covered fingers — ensconced by a criminal element that is never endearing — aside from the occasional stranger toss into the oncoming train.

So I bought FTFT.

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