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Shitty Burgers and Electric Rooms FTW

I bought WATT and HABT, both sketchy companies with eye-raising business models. One produces tech that will permit you to WIRELESSLY charge your phone in a room. I imagine this technology to be very unhealthy for human skeletons and major organs — but we won’t know for sure until proper studies are made — 30 years hence.

The other purchase, HABT, is more traditional — a fever for shitty burgers and sloppy fries. Nice fucking candle today. Judging by previous moves, I’d say this fucking stocks, inevitably, trades up.

Over in Exodus, @TGIR fucking nailed this SOLO trade, and although I’m tempted to play it — I don’t want to soil his luck with my obvious downtrodden curse.

See you animals tomorrow.

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