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Damned If You Do; Damned If You Don’t

Earnings season, the quintessential fuckery of all investing fuckeries. The temptation to ride thru one of these calls — because God loves us specifically and because our genius demands reward, is always present and palpable.

Case in point, I sold PYX the just before earnings — because it was the right thing to do for me, at the time. I was in PYX for a trade, not earnings, and didn’t feel like gambling.

The result?

PYX beat and shot higher by 30% the next day.

Seeing this beat, I demurred my cautiousness and decided to hold another one of my holdings into earnings last night. That stock was QLYS.

I didn’t have an edge, or even an affinity for the stock. It was a trade, but because it was my stock, and my genius, I felt, well, if PYX could do it — why can’t QLYS?

The result?

QLYS is shooting lower by 16% in the pre-market.


I’ll be selling out at the loss this morning.

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  1. boyaj

    Your honesty and transparency, along with with valuable anecdotes (trading, investing and life in general), is why you have loyal readers.

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  2. edge

    NUGT does not need earnings to “go down”. It is sucking balls, Fly. BALLS.
    How could we be so wrong? What are the Gods telling us? Where is our deserved validation, and money?
    If not for YINN…I would weep.

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