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Futures are up more than 100. I’m keeping an eye on Bitcoin and cryptos here, believing they might be bottoming out and fixing to lick higher. On the issue of gold — this shit is coiling. Consider the fact the dollar has been strong AF, yet gold is vacillating near the highs.

This level, right here and right now, has been resistance for 6 mother-fucking years. Do you hear me you fucking faggots?

The bull case?


Watch the TIPs for evidence of big money hedging against the specter of it. Consider wage growth now is strongest in a decade and we’re not coming off a trough, as was the case in 2009. We’re in a bull market, an extended one, yet wage growth is only now busting loose.

Following this train of thought, also considering demographic, millennial faggots will be fast approaching family age and they can’t afford shit in the city. So they’ll opt for some grass and large square footage.

What am I suggesting?

For the bull market in housing to extend to the suburbs next, helping shares of TOL, BZH, and material plays like EXP, MAS, and TREX. Why the fuck not?

Tell me why the homies can’t run too?

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  1. biffer

    where did rhino go… anybody?

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    Millennials spend too much on student loan debt, Apple products and eating out every night.

    It’s the immigrants that are saving and buying property. They literally know the value of a buck.

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  3. mx2101

    Apart from the wealthy, will be interesting to see who is paying up for houses now and what happens to them.

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  4. matt_bear

    i got love for the homies.

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