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Most of you behaved like 15 year old boys last night — eating ‘hoagies’ and drinking inordinate amount of Coors Light, which we learned his made with lots and lots of corn syrup. I will have you know, Le Fly only nibbled on some chicken wings that he made, which was lightly imbued with a homemade teriyaki sauce. The great thing about knowing how to cook is eating well.

My beverage choice was Apple cider, low ABV, then topped off with some whiskey later on in the evening once the company began to wane on me and become heavy and unbearable. I was glad to say goodbye and, quite frankly, I wish I never have to see them again.

Early this morning, it looks like Starboard is attempting to dick-around with PZZA. Whatever. Who orders that nonsense anymore? I’m guessing people who cannot cool and therefore do not eat well.

My ZYNE is popping pre-market. Other than that, only gold is notable to the downside. I expect another easy day for stocks — drifting, mind you, higher — under a cloud of protection by the Federal Reserve. On a personal front, not much doing for me today — but a busy schedule for the rest of the week.

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