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New Quant Portfolio is Up — Booked Gains in $SOXL

I launched my 2019 Quantitative methodology today, which draws from two pools of stocks — one growth at a reasonable price and another defensive, slower growth ideas. Today, I drew 50/50 from both pools. I look forward to working and improving on this relatively passive method of investing all throughout 2019 — hopefully with some input.

I sold my SOXL position above $116, not so much because of the morning fade or because I was up ~12% — but because it’s a god damned triple upside ETF and I’d be stupid not to. I have ~85% in cash now and, to be honest, am in no rush to allocate now.

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  1. ferd

    Breaks my heart, but I’m looking for US shorts (shorted NLSN here) and holding onto Chicom longs.

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