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Here Are Several Reasons to Join Exodus Now

Next week is likely the most important week of the trading year. We’ve chopped and slapped dicks against the wall for much of the year, drowned in our own blood the past month or two — and now we’re relying upon King Donald to forge a deal with President 11.

I am going to publish my final Quantitative portfolio of the year on Monday. I’m also formulating a new version of the Quant strategy for 2019 and will release details of it in the Exodus blog on Monday.

End of year re-jiggering means a new Bubble Basket, a sublime harmony of ill repute stocks that crushes any portfolio during times of wanton excess.

The Capstone Programme, my consulting arm and highest level of service to date, will be launched inside of two weeks. This means I will be exceedingly busy with one on one calls with members and will not have time to do live demos for Exodus. Book your live demos now.

“The Fly” is a wonderful teacher and a true renaissance man. Joining Exodus, even for our FREE TRIALS, will make you a better person. Plus, our trading room, The Pelican Room is lit AF.

Lastly, our mean reversion algorithms have been through the fires and will soon be accurately assessing trading ranges and pivots. Case in point, the 3 mo algorithm nailed the recent bottom to the exact day twice over the past month. This can only mean we’ve reached a point of calm normality and we will soon be entreated to mathematical excellence and easy wins inside our halls.

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  1. J Adabese (your pen pal)
    J Adabese (your pen pal)

    Zebras will be kicking and braying as the are pushed off the cliff by the force of the heard on Monday.

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  2. mad marsupial

    Wednesday closure could put a dent in the market mood.

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