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The Dry Bulk Index is Up More Than 200% Over the Past 12 Months

For the first time in years, it looks like the shippers are finally going to bust loose — thanks to renewed optimism in China. Just the other day, Morgan Stanley upgraded the sector — fueling a short squeeze that laid waste to bears in a sundry of downtrodden shippers.

This is a general update, a quick rundown if you will, about the day rates in America’s most hated sector.

Behold the breakdown of prices amongst classes.

Lastly, the sector has been a recipient of fast money traders this year — bidding up low float China related stocks — because it’s fun.

$SBLK +128%
$SB +106%
$SALT +82%
$GNK +66%
$DSX +58%
$NMM +50%
$NM +34%

On the tanker side, $NVGS, $GNRT and $GLNG are the leaders.

The controversial DRYS is down by a mere 94% for the year.

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  1. heaterman

    Fly, this is waaaay off topic but reading through the above triggered a flashback to the days of yore when the Fazmobile was financial transportation of choice and the S&P was recovering from the mark of the beast.
    One of the denizens of the hallowed halls at that time was Woodshedder. Have you heard anything at all from him or how he’s doing?

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  2. natehois

    Flybuy: $DRYS at 1.00
    I’d buy that for a dollar!
    (Extra RoboCop)
    (Extra Extra ED-209)

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  3. reversion

    Buy drys tomorrow!

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  4. cancel19

    Dadgummit! When is my SHIP gonna sail/fly?!

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