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Alternative Alternative Energy Stocks are Running

The primary alternative energy stocks, namely solar, are being “deballed” today, with comparable fury of 20,000 IT geeks, mad at Yahoo hosting.

In its place, bullshit alternative energy stocks are running. They are stocks of the lowest order. Loosers [sic], if I may be so bold.

This, as you know, is another “tell” that this market is fucked, like a gay pig or dog in Texas.

The list includes:


Bottom line: We are close to the end of civilization, as we know it.

On that future news, “The Fly” is peppering his trader/servant with ice cubes, as punishment for accepting large FTK buy orders. Taking a step back, the stock is a good value down here. I’d rather be buried alive, than book a loss on it today.

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  1. Sir Douchebag

    deballed = opportunity

    Added LDK and ATPG while retards rule the trading day.

    Always take advantage of silliness.

    Fundamentals still matter — as you know, otherwise LEH would be at 200.

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  2. PharmPhucker

    Before I stepped out to milk my cows, I bought me some DUG. About 2.5 gazillion shares. My plan is to drive those raghead Phuckers into bankruptcy. I’m tired of reading about all the tricked out A380s those Sheiks are buying. Let those phuckers eat those French planes for breakfast. Oil’s going to $10. The Pharmphucker isn’t going to stop shorting until it gets there.

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