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And we’re down 640 Dow, 150 NASDAQ, due to nothing more than a cumulative effective of trading poorly. We are in the early stages of a vampire like blood-letting on all of the plebs — the people who’ve taken to TikTok to declare themselves to be financial experts. All of those people, dare I say, are about to see The Black Flag.

Now you might see this pause in volatility as a sign of bullish things to come. But consider the fact that SAAS stocks and most growth stocks have been flummoxed in recent weeks. Today’s quickening has startled pikers and junior at the trading desk is calling mom now to get her to finance his margin calls. I predict this will deepen into a dark purple and the floodgates shall open and everything you see before you executed in a most heinous manner.

First thing I did in the morning is sell all of my losers. I was fortunate to have had “stay at home plays”, so my losses are very limited — presently only 0.35%. Also, my quant, led by FSLY, is higher by 0.3%. But I am not satiated by this rouse and will not sit idle as market consolidate a bullet to the brain.

In other words, it’s over. Trade accordingly.

Also, Trevor from NEEKOLAH has resigned, ending that chapter in the illustrious happenings in the EV/hydrogen cell world.

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  1. roguewave

    Good! maybe now Trevor will have time to finish my driveway.

    PS repost Get your vaccine!

    Results from Moderna’s Phase 1 human trial revealed the 100-mcg dose vaccine — which had a 100% side effect ratio after the second dose — is proceeding to Phase 3 trial assessment

    No worries; company officials have NO liability


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  2. edge

    A bit hyperbolic but I’m short. The market looks hurt but Powell speaks three times this week. I doubt he can do anything but delay the inevitable but I just trade.

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  3. og

    WFH stocks like ZM PTON working agin.

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