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An Update of Sorts

Good day,

Pardon my prolonged absence but I’ve just been busy with lots of things and not having the internet that is usable at home besides sending whatsapp messages is a real drag. Some people work in cafe’s and some people shoot krokodil for that matter; I’m not into either.

On the topic of the internet, I was up at Alta Vista the other day when I heard some banging from another part of the hill. I went to investigate when I saw people working on the tower. I asked what was happening and they said they were upgrading the equipment. I asked if meant faster internet, they said faster everything. I was ecstatic.

Let’s get back to that in a moment, alright?

I’m listening to this house mix and suddenly this song came on which was the exact song which was playing when I was in Krakow, Poland visiting a woman who I thought could have been the one. You see, we met in Vietnam in 2010 and it was “love at first sight” if that even exists. We spent a crazy time together and then even crazier times in different places.

I went to visit her in Krakow, Poland a few years later and everything had changed. The moment I saw her I knew I wasn’t even interested anymore and then when we got further into the evening I realized she had changed. We met as travellers but three years of living different lives changes people; she had become a boring lawyer with all sorts of stress and talking about how tired she was; snooze.

I was exhausted after finishing a string of press trips which occupied all of my time. The reality is, neither of us were who we were when we met in Vietnam but she had become a lady with a mind filled with other people’s problems. I used to be a lobbyist and what I realized was that all professions are crap. They all get paid well to take care of other people’s problems; you want to be the other person. The person who hires a Doctor to heal them, a lawyer to defend their rights, a night security guard to protect their estate and whatnot.

Let’s get back to the tower, shall we?

So I run back after a little while and ask “Will we have 3G?!” to which they replied “No, 4G”. Wow… I might actually get 4G in my house. You realize I came to the Corn Islands when there was basically no internet except one cafe. Then I got E on my phone, then once I saw 3G on my phone and it went, than we got 3G on the coast, then other places got ~ok internet and now we’re going to get 4G island wide. You realize I can get back to what makes me happy and that is creating, making money on the internet is a hobby of mine.

You can also count on seeing me more active everywhere, which I’m thrilled about. As much as I’m happy for taking this big risk on the Corn Islands, a part of me has been dying, my online presence which I love has been fading and that’s not cool. Anyways, enough of that depressing garbage and back to updates, yes? I’m getting 4G and that’s killer. Also, I’m interested in investing on Big Corn Island as well. I’m not going to diversify but intensify because I’ve got a winner here but more on that later.

I never hired a cleaning lady, I don’t like letting acquaintances into my house, let alone some spy. Everything worked out for the best though, oddly enough. A friend of mine is a golf course architect turned disc golf architect who is developing courses in Nicaragua. I met the guy at Victoria’s Pulperia aka the cheapest place to drink on Big Corn Island in 2013 or so and we hung out for an evening while his friend who was there photographed a blood moon from the top of Mama Lola’s which if you look in Lonely Planet has a different name because well yeah it’s a guidebook.

Suffice to say he came here to talk with town council and I was like you can crash at my house; he ended up staying close to a month. A few days in he was like, do you mind if I organize your place, I’m a bit of a neat freak in not so many words. I said “please do” and over a few days the house got organized; now I’m super particular about keeping everything in its place; crazy how things work?! He left a week or so ago but quite glad he came and if Little Corn gets a championship disc golf course as well as a free 9 hole to get people interested; I’m all for it.

Little Corn needs more land activities.

I never did get a Movistar connection and it worked for the best. I know I already went over the whole 4G but the morning I found out; I was in talks of splitting one with someone and they were like I need to know now. Then I came up with all these ideas and he was like “I don’t need to complicate my life” to which I was like “screw you” and thought no, I’ll go with someone else than find out I can get what I need on my phone; go figure. Imagine if I had a @#[email protected]# tower on my property paying $1K a month when I could have 4G on my phone spending ~$40-$80 a month and nothing when I’m not around?

Alta Vista is officially entering beast mode and it’s the strongest house I’ve seen built almost anywhere. It reminds me of houses from yesteryear which were built by lunatics who cared not about cost or “standards”. Standards are the lowest of the low, the lowest acceptable form. I’ve built strong because once it’s done I don’t plan on doing anything more than having people paint it once a year or so. I’m 35 now and plan on living until I’m 90 something so I need it to last 55+ years then I can pass it down in a will.

The kids might like it or hate me for not allowing them to sell it and squander the cash on stupid stuff because they have no business sense. Sadly, there are no guarantees that your kids will be smart with cash. Lots of people I see who are successful breed stupid kids when it comes to money; it’s like a coin flip really. The house is eating materials like it’s nobodies business and still oh so hungry. I’m getting ready to start pouring the roof in the next few weeks. I don’t like wood, it’s no good and a poor choice for Caribbean construction and if a strong wind comes, I don’t want to find my roof on the other side of the island.

I’m in a cafe now waiting for a Youtube video to finish uploading and tomorrow at 6:30am I’m off on the panga to Big Island to catch a plane to Bluefields to renew my visa. I’ve never had to do that as I usually come and go but my lack of online presence and serious commitments here have made me a bit boring – for now. It’s like I’m back in school or just loading up to spring past where my former self would have been if I had never taken on this project once it’s done.

That or I’m a tree planting serious roots and soon we’re going vertical; it looks like not much is happening but beneath the surface it’s pure bedlam. I’ve written 1284 words without even looking back once so I’ll cut it here. Just thought I’d keep you all posted so I don’t lose my spot in the Peanut Gallery which is where I belong due to my poor attendance around the hallowed halls of iBankCoin which will always be my favourite blog and the blog which started everything for a gent named “Dubz” around these parts.

Tips hat,

P.S: Subscribe to my Youtube channel for updates; it’s all I want for Xmas. That said,┬ábe aware it’s ~1 month lagged. This is on purpose for reasons some of you may be able to figure out.

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  1. Dr. Fly

    Glad you’re doing well and keeping busy.

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  2. UncleBuccs

    Good to see you, Dubz. I’m subscribed to the YouTube, and watch them all the time. That kitten you took care of was a seriously creepy character…

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  3. mx2101

    I was thinking about you, happy to see things are moving along.
    Interesting to see a resident actually happy to see a tower going up.
    Amazingly here in the USA the NIMBY problem will eventually solve itself.
    Wireless sites will soon be micro sized, and comparable to regular power poles, mailboxes and… speed-cams

    The surveillance society may result in a behavioral backlash on par with other social “revolutions” like the ’60’s. It might be more amusing than of concern.

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