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2015 in Review



It’s 3:42 am and I’m at a cafe along the coast of Little Corn Island. You see, this place has the fastest connection and there is nobody on the network. People think I’m weird for living these hours of late but I could care less, weird is what small minded people label different and different is good. It’s like the rest of the lot jumps in the passenger panga and pays the 140c toll to ride with 40 other people in a weighed down vessel. I prefer to ride it free at three in the morning with full 400hp working for me without even thinking of the fuel.

This video sums it up; as of now I’m laser focused on getting Alta Vista done, increasing my presence online again after a lame / forced / avoidable break in 2015. I’m eager to start seeing the world again and as much as I love it here, will regret forever if I traded the world for a spot on this small island. It’s paradise for some but a prison for my web creativity and we keep getting the “fast internet is coming soon” an I still believe as I have no choice but my faith is being tested.


Either way, if I know one thing it’s that where there is a will, there is a way. Also, I bought almost EVERYTHING in Managua to save cash on these houses except sand and gravel. Guess what, sand and gravel are what make a cement structure. I just met this gent who is building here as well, haven’t seen him in two years and he has a line on sand that is 30-40% cheaper. Couple that with me being kicked in the face on a 1.39 exchange to the CDN dollar and I was temporarily very annoyed at myself.


Then I realized, losers care bout the past. I still need sand so this new line I might be getting will be a blessing. Also, it opens up the door to further real estate projects of the cement kind. I love cement, wood is no good where I live but that’s just my opinion and we’re all entitled to one. Anyways, I need to get back to organizing my online life as much as I can in the witching out. I sit here alone with my bright screen harming my eyes with my trusty machete which resembles more a sword to my side.


As one reader commented on my blog “Oh what a life without a wife…” Something cool is that once I’m done with the second building, I’ll have two assets on a unique Caribbean island that are appreciating rapidly and which can provide me with cash flow all going well until the day I die. Part of me thinks I’m resurrecting SHABL this year, another part of me thinks that the party which is endless world travel and doing whatever the F%$!¬†you want with your life is just about to get going…


P.S: If you’re not a depraved degenerate and you have a holiday home somewhere and might want to “house swap” sometime, let me know.

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