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Happy Birthday Alta Vista


I have no idea why I’m checking here now, considering I haven’t in ~3 months and in a few hours I’ve got a flight to catch but here we are. June 3rd was Alta Vista’s first birthday and she got a big old concrete cake aka we poured more of the ground floor.


I figured I’d share this video and make a post so I don’t get axed, I seriously thought I was axed so it was a welcome sight to see me still holding my spot in the prestigious ┬ápeanut gallery. Tomorrow I’m off to Italy and writing this from just outside Athens in a place called Palaio Faliro, it’s nice.

I’m sorta fed up with all this building jazz and being in Europe is a nice break from it all. The build is moving slower than I thought but then I look around and remember I’m building on Little Corn and kindly demanding a high standard so yeah, good things take time.

If I had built a regular house which wasn’t over kill on everything it would have been done ages ago but since I didn’t, it’s not. The photo above is from the rooftop which is basically done now and they are doing septic stuff and building the closets under the stairs. When I return I need to buy bars for the windows, doors and windows then it’s on to the finishing stuff.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video and god speed.

Tips hat,

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  1. Dr. Fly

    Amazing view. You’ll always have a spot here. Enjoy your time.

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