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One Third of People Are Mentally Insane

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How can 1/3 of the pollsters be voting for Fed Funds to be greater than 1%? Are you god damned psychopaths?  Do you never want to retire?  Have you not witnessed the absolute carnage that hath engulfed our markets since the initial Fed hike back in December?  At least half of you got it right by voting for negative interest rates which would force people into riskier investments (stocks) and we would hit new highs every day until retirement.

The system is flawed. We have a group of 12 “economists” who get to say when we should bail someone out and when we should change interest rates. I vote for power to the people. Let the people decide on interest rates. God knows everyone on Finance Twitter is already an economist anyways.

Markets are down 2% this morning.

$CHK is going bankrupt.

The world is ending.

Have a nice day.


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  1. it is showtime

    The initial move to circle the drain — was the incorrect one. Voting negative rates now is the Einstein Insanity mannerism. Essentially proves the initial move was the wrong one [Ahem as bears said] [5 years ago] Yet everyone blatantly enjoyed in the greed-that-followed, and directly participated in the fake circumstances that could-only result in another unwinding

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  2. jon v

    How’s neg rates treating Japan and Europe?

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  3. matt_bear

    If an interest rate of 0.25% is able to blow this whole thing up….was it ever real to begin with?

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