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Christmas Is Cancelled

It was only 2 days ago: We were all putting up the Christmas lights, drinking egged nog, and having a merry olde time watching the S&P 500 close above 2100 for the first time since the Paris attacks. Christmas and NYE were in play.  Holiday cheer was abound minus the typical bear grinch.


Fast-forward to today and we are a cool 50 handles below the highs set on the 1st of December.  Let me tell you straight up kids.  If this shit continues, not only will there NOT be a December rate hike, but Christmas will also be cancelled.  And we aren’t even going to bring up NYE at this point.

You need to ask yourself if selling $SPX is worth losing 2 holidays?  Is it worth ruining Christmas for your children?  Think about this every time you put in a sell order.  I expect better of “you people”.


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