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Do Math

How can you expect to succeed in the stocked market when you suck at math and don’t think outside of the box?  I took every math class possible during my schooling and never got below an “A”, not even an “A-” (granted, I am a robot so computing is easy for me).


81% of you got this answer wrong because you greedily took to the Google machine to try and find an answer.  Most of you were fooled by the third statement in the series 1816 = 6.  Most times I’ve seen this problem it has been 1816 = 3.  Which makes the problem easier because all you have to do is count the number of circles in each number series. And if that was the case, then the correct answer would have been 2.  For this problem though:

9999 = 4 because there are 4 circles and 0 ones.

8888 = 8 because there are 8 circles and 0 ones.

1816 = 6 because there are 3 circles and 2 ones (3 x (1+1))

1212 = 0 because there are 0 circles and 2 ones (0 x (1+1))

therefore, 1919 = 4 because there are 2 circles and 2 ones (2 x (1+1)).


Start doing math problems in your spare time if you ever want to stand a chance against me in the market.


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