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As discussed in After Hours with Option Addict last night, I bought $BIDU calls at the open. I’m still holding the position I bought on 5/4, which expires next week. That hold pretty much had me shitting my pants on the regular this week.

I also picked up $PI calls and loaded into some $SNAP.

I’m stepping into these longs knowing there’s a 50/50 we revisit the lows of this week. Not the best odds, but I like what I picked up that much.

My week could have been insane had I waited for the washout to buy my weekly calls. I’ve added $COF, $EDIT, $BLUE, $BAH, $SFUN, $KNDI, $VNET to my watchlist next week. We’ll discuss these set-ups at the close today.

Have a good weekend,


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The names $EWZ, $PBR and $VALE have come up recently in discussions about Emerging Markets.

I have no desire to have any exposure to Europe right now, despite Barron’s telling me what a great and crowded long this is in the market right now.

Speaking of which, I closed out my Feb $FXE long yesterday.

I do like Brazil though, and today’s action seems like the perfect reason to step up and invest.

I’m rooting for a market selloff into the weekend. If that’s the case, I’ll start with some shares of $VALE for the long term.

Anyone buying into this stuff today?

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I managed to snag $DDD calls a couple weeks ago, the day following their earnings miss.

I’m adding $ONVO here, which has the same pattern that the others had prior to liftoff.

More later,


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The Stock Gods we’re displeased with my mention of the breakout in retail last week. Now, I am being tested holding positions….watching big unrealized gains transform into lunch money over just a few short days. Especially SHLD…but this situation seems all too similar to early 2012. I’ve been a huge Lampert fan ever since.

I’m convinced there’s more left to this recent run in various names, otherwise I’d head for the hills.

I bought some $CMCM today and on the fence about taking off $VIPS calls into earnings. I’d be risking a double, but naturally I want more.

I missed $NTES and $MULE today which rendered my day pretty much worthless.

Hope you’re fairing better than I am. Most of you, anyway.

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