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Son: “Hey dad, my teacher called me up in front of the class. He said I am in first place today.”

Dad: “Congrats little bro. Did he ask you about your stocks, or why you picked them?”

Son: “He said that these stocks didn’t all match the rules we discussed but that I am still doing a good job.”

Dad: “Tell him his rules are gay.”

Dad: “Did he ask about your stocks at all?”

Son: “He asked me how I chose them.”

Dad: “Did you respond with what I told you to say?”

Son: “Yeah, I told him short sellers are retards, and one day when I become an activist investor, it will be to make money at the their expense.”

Son: “Proud of you son.”

His portfolio inculded: $SHLD, $TWTR, $DEPO, $CMCM, $MEET, $ADXS, $WTW, $LL, $PI and $TAHO.

Sounds like half of his class has managed to lose money in this tape, which I’d love to audit. However, $WTW and $LL have notched him to the head of the class, while the rest haven’t even started yet. If he doesn’t get to the Governor’s office on this contest, I’ve failed him as his father and as his financial advisor.

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Everywhere I turn, the news suggests the market is overbought. Ok, but what does that mean exactly?

I was on Drudge the other day and had to screen shot this…

I’m not cherry picking here either. Those comments are everywhere.

What is the crowd conditioned to think here? The crowd is showing a slight uptick in interest now, right? Are they fully invested? Not at all, but some have dipped the toe in.

When a market spends weeks upon weeks and months upon months churning like it did 2014-2016, this is what happens when you leave the churn. Overbought is only a reflection of what I told you to prepare for.

One of the things we’ll shift in this upcoming Boot Camp is the way we measure sentiment this year. Obviously, my methods in years past were geared towards finding the negative inflection points in the last few years, like the “sell everything” calls, the decade long negative extremes in sentiment surveys, and more.

This year, we’ll be watching for extremes in optimism.

Let me say this…many of you haven’t experienced real enthusiasm. Therefore, you really have no idea what it is going to look like.

I can’t wait.

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It’s that time again.

Join me Monday March 13th through Friday March 17th for another 5 day long Investor Boot Camp.

The meetings will be live via webinar each night from 7pm ET through 8:30PM ET. All meetings are recorded if you cannot attend live, and recordings will be delivered to you, with slides following each meeting.

In each Boot Camp I’ve delivered remarkable market calls, as well as numerable trade/investing ideas and themes. I plan to up the ante again this time, with some fantastic insights heading into the spring and summer of this year.

Here’s a look at the schedule:

  • Monday: 2017 Review – What My Past Boot Camp’s Predicted and What’s Next to Come
    Tuesday: Downside Risks to 2017 – The “What If’s” and How to Properly Predict a Correction
    Wednesday: Out With the Old, In With the New: 2017 Market Rotations
    Thursday: A Historical Look at Market Sentiment Shifts
    Friday: The Very Best Longs and Shorts for 2017

You won’t find a negative review on any of my Boot Camp presentations. If you’d like to be ahead of the market this year, sign up today.

Email [email protected] with questions.

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