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For the last two Boot Camps I told the investors of the group that there would be one main pitch you’d want to swing at this year.

Well, the pitch was finally thrown here in the last few days. Timing couldn’t be better.

I told that crowd to wait for my 2016 Trump Portfolio to give back its gains, then to load the boat on these stocks for the intermediate to long haul.

Well, that portfolio is the beneficiary of this fast selling in tech stocks, in a similar fashion to how it all went down in the days following the election.

The opportunities here are significant and will be the crowning jewel of this quarters Boot Camp.

We start today at 7pm ET. Email invitations with links and information will go out right near the close today. Hurry and reserve your seat today.

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Summer Boot Camp is here! Classes are scheduled to begin Monday June 12th – Friday June 16th at 7pm ET. You can attend live, or at your leisure. All meetings are recorded and sent to you for you to keep.

If you haven’t yet attended one of our camps, now’s the time to give it a shot.

Each year, the content is molded to thoughtful insight on market direction, shorter term/longer term market rotations and positioning, current analysis on various asset classes and instruments, as well as thought out predictions and actionable ideas for trading accounts and investment portfolios.

Here’s the scheduled content:

Monday: How the Pro’s are Positioned: Fund Flows, Cash and Rotations.
Tuesday: Should You Go Away Or Stay and Play This Summer?
Wednesday: Opportunities and Risks of a Single Digit VIX.
Thursday: Bonds, Gold or Bitcoins?
Friday: Pain Trades and Top Ideas Through 2017.


Interesting enough, each time we schedule one of these, there is some degree of market turmoil, rotation, etc. What we’re seeing is what happened prior to the election. FANG went lower, Trump stocks higher. I’ll be breaking this down in great detail so you will know how to plan the rest of your summer.

Please contact me with any questions: [email protected]

See you there!

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Today started out ok. My second largest IRA holding (behind #fuckingfslr) is $BABA. I bought weekly calls in $BIDU to kick off the week, and I froze at the open. I missed a monster sell.

I did manage to book a quick gain in my $JD buy from Tuesday, and just added calls in $WB and $SINA. I’m obsessed in this space and have been for most of the year.

I’m otherwise heartbroken today. I’m trading like a total vag.

I like $CMG and $MULE here.

What was your worst move of the day/week?

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Stops were hit. Testicles exploded. Orifices bled.

Yeah, felling pretty good about that shit.

Stopped on my first /CL long at breakeven, then bought again and stopped for a loss.

My Sanchez buy from yesterday is now behind me, giving me a Sanchez as we speak.

Fuck you for laughing.

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I don’t want to jump a gun here, but I am hoping this late sell off in tech is the selling of FANG to finance the purchase of some ‘cheap as shit’ oil and materials stocks.

Mostly, I’ve been rooting for these indestructible stocks to crater and crush the late chasers. But then again, they’re probably a buy here.

I bought some /CL y’day and almost stopped at breakeven today for no good reason. In After Hours with Option Addict we discussed that this would be “the oil week.”

I added some $SN today and am still shopping for others. We’ll discuss oil set-ups after the close.


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There’s going to be very little worth doing in the next 1-2 months, but we’ll plow through it anyway.

The only thing that intrigues me about summer months is that speed grinds to a halt…and when this happens, time premiums get cheap.

I’m compiling a list of longer term oriented ideas to use for this strategy/opportunity.

Thus far, I have $F, $KBR, $WDR, $USG, $COF. I want to get about 15-20 of my favorite set-ups together, then I’ll narrow them down for some purchases later this month. The five or so names that I come up with will be some of the ideas discussed at Boot Camp later this month.

If you have any intermediate to long term ideas out there, feel free to share.


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