Tuesday, January 24, 2017
The first hit is always on the house.
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It’s been said that as soon as the natives start popping bottles, bragging on their newly minted stacks and shopping for new bling, it’s best to prepare for a surprise prison-sex style move in your portfolio.

The kind where you can’t quite close your mouth yet from the laughter and cheering, before you get a mouthful…

Of losses.

Might you take a small piece of your winship, and insure yourself for a rainy day. That way…you are fully prepared for all the “what if’s” that the future holds.

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In After Hours with Option Addict we stalked $ATI for an earnings trade over the last 6 months. Passed last quarter, but took a good sized chunk of calls (Feb 17.5’s) into today’s announcement. They returned better than 400%.

I took the proceeds and doubled down on $XBI here.

More later,


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I love events such as this where nobody has a real clue what the market will do, when the market might not do anything at all.

It’s high profile, and everyone has read something that has them spooked, so the state of most investors here is “willing to react.” Those are my favorite markets.

The seasonal inauguration trade is buy and hold for 10 days. That trade was profitable 10 of the last 12 times.

My only hope is that the light pop and fade this morning is enough to make people uneasy. Judging by the messages I’m getting, it might be enough to trigger some light pain trading.

Looking to book $SGY, $TEAM and maybe $SOHU today. I like $MRVL, $CELG, and $PRLB here.

Got any top tier set-ups?

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There’s an uneasiness creeping over. In the back of your mind, The Obama Bull Market surely dies on Friday, taking your Zecco accounts and 401k’s down the sewer pipes along with stock prices.

I’m sure you’ve started to read a bit more of what structurally happened to the market last year, and you thought to yourself “That asshole OA was right.” Even better, I prepped you for it all in late 2015, and said no matter what happens, you’ll be forced to join my Kool-Aid fountain whether you like it or not. Everything from the coming rotation out of bonds back to stocks, the breadth thrust that signaled a new secular bull, a market that was bottoming despite being up near ATH’s, the crowd sentiment, Fund Managers cash position, market creating a chase, and to fade this shift from passive management and start focusing on active management again. That cycle has surely reached its max.

So tomorrow sets up to be just another day, and another dolt elected into office.

How are you positioned?


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Last week I wrote a quick blog asking if you’d rather own Amazon at these prices, or start putting together a basket of retail names together that have been overly beaten down.

Today, the retail basket is looking quite strong. Many of my favorites we’ve been looking at are already up +3% on some decent volume. Retail was my next group for rotation this year, as discussed on my Boot Camp and After Hours with Option Addict.

Got any retail names you like down here?

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I’m going to conclude this weeks free trial today, wrapping up our 4 part mini-series of How to Trade Like a Gentleman.

attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/68041081853615.. password: study

After tonight, I am leaving town, not to be seen for at least the next 4 days.

On the day, I held my ground…like a damn boss.

I booked my ginormous gains in $WDAY (calls purchased down at $67), Booked $CTRP calls for a win, and $ZTO shares for a good gain. I used the proceeds to buy $YY & $NFLX calls at the open, added to $AMBA calls, and just bought $YRD shares.

See you after the bell.

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