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O’Rourke: Central Banks are Losing Credibility

Mike O’Rourke of JonesTrading wales on the various Fed Heads and the Bank of Japan for having created a ridiculous situation where the entire market is just obsessed with every utterance from central bank chiefs, sucking away the oxygen from the real issues that should actually be driving markets.

He writes in this evening’s note that the events of the last two days are damning:

Losing Credibility.    

Earlier this month we highlighted comments Chairman Bernanke made a decade ago … “I worry about the effects on the long-run stability and efficiency of our financial system if the Fed attempts to substitute its judgments for those of the market.  Such a regime would only increase the unhealthy tendency of investors to pay more attention to rumors about policymakers’ attitudes than to the economic fundamentals that by rights should determine the allocation of capital.”  ….”

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