Friday, December 9, 2016
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Bought RGR For $40.49

I added a full position in RGR for $40.49 – 10% of net positions. I offset this purchase somewhat with small sales of CCJ, scaling out the profits from the latest recovery.

I read Feinstein’s position on guns, and it is what one could call “purely political bullshit.”

She’s made clear there will be a full grandfather clause. The rushed purchases being made right now are here to stay. No guns are going to be confiscated. And even if they don’t move to implement gun control, this event has sewn distrust amongst the population. The rush to obtain as many firearms as possible will be kicking into high gear; no one trusts Obama, the Democrats, or even the Republicans.

And the NRA has not even gotten in their say yet. Oh, yeah, absolutely, the world is just a different place now…

The NRA is going to steamclean the antigun crowd, with a torrent of statistics from Australia, Norway, and Sweden. They’ll wash it down with images from Chicago for good measure. The secluded college professors who have heretofore been given free control of the microphone won’t know what collided with the sides of their fat, pasty heads.

To say I am a gun ideologue is most likely accurate. But, this is also what I see developing – guns will be given a pass. There is much talk of reforming mental healthcare in the US, and posting marshals at schools, which will absorb much of the blows. And what assaults against firearms are coming, like Feinstein’s, are, as we say, ‘weak sauce’.

So my ideology and the real world should collide nicely, in cooperation and profits. Far too many emotional fools are forcing the hands of the calm and collected – such as The Fly’s relationship to his jackass client accounts.

I am very eager to pick up the pieces their effusive financing is so determined to leave strewn about the place.

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  1. Fly Fraud

    why would you sell CCJ? because its up all of 75 cents in 5 days? you’ve been babbling about uranium for months

    • Mr. Cain Thaler

      I didn’t sell CCJ. CCJ was something like 30% of my account; I took a few percent off to help avoid going into margin.

  2. Martin

    Why RGR over SWHC? SWHC is cheaper but RGR has the dividend to help wait out a recovery. I plan on buying one of these two over the next couple of days.

    • Mr. Cain Thaler

      I liked the dividend.

      Also, I saw RGR’s assets to liabilities have possitively soared in the last year.

      RGR’s got a very well received lineup of handguns at the moment. I’m decently familiar with their products and like them.

      Huge cash flow too.

      RGR was the first place I looked, and between the books and the dividend, I didn’t even look at SWHC.

      I’m willing to throw another 5% on RGR if it plummets another 20% from here.

  3. Berserker

    Any thoughts on the various revenue streams. What is endangered compared to what is “safe”. What is left in a worst case scenario etc.