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I am to be Proven Right Again

Do not fool yourselves into believing you are anything like me — a stock market prophet — able to peer into the future by melding the time space continuum and folding its layers like a cake and eating it.

I closed at my session highs down 34bps and I feel really good about it. The brief sojourns into loss enable me to understand how many of you pedestrians feel on a regular basis. Oh, the helplessness. Oh, I do not not know thou art have in store for me!

Meanwhile I was in the laboratory concocting my next wins — all to do with global war, shortages of oil, and a large and unrelenting spike in interest rates and Bitcoin. There is a very heavy easterly wind blowing now and you can’t see it. If you allow yourselves to be still and aware of your surroundings — you can feel it. However, it’s impossible for the uninitiated and you’ll just keep yammering on buying $NVDA and watching transexual shows on $NFLX.

Inside of my Capstone, I have concocted a severe plan to profit from what I see coming. You betting against me is folly and those who’ve been following me long enough inside Stocklabs understands it’s akin to suicide by the rope.

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