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Sadly, War Has Been Delayed

Consider the following:

Nuclear war busts loose between American and Russia and all American cities are targeted and all of its inhabitants are vaporized. Really think about that for a second. It would behoove me not to suggest we could build back better, dare I say. The crime rate would be inexorably ZERO and blue dyed hair would be a relic of the past, something akin to when dinosaurs roamed the earth in search of meat.

People hiding out in farm in rural centers or well to do enclaves in the suburbs would come out and build anew. Denizens of ill repute and democratic watering holes washed from the earth. Sure, the fallout and the clean up would be arduous, annoying even — but I’m sure we could deploy AI powered robots to do much of the heavy lifting.

HOWEVER, it should be noted the vast majority of programmers would be “vaporized” in the fires and folks in W. Virginia are largely retarded. NEVERTHELESS, nuclear war doesn’t have to be a completely bad experience, if you come to think about it.

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