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Good day —

I think I had too much to drink last night because today I made leftovers and they were fantastic. The idea that I could produce SUB PAR food was of course far fetched and today’s servings proved that The Fly is still very much a master chef. In addition to that, I have various other talents, such as the following.

I was a MASTER baseball player in school, DL’d due to torn rotator cuff

I am a superb writer


I am something of a mixologist

I am also a coffee aficionado

I am, additionally, a wine connoisseur

I am an expert in bro science, cutting and bulking at will

I consume information at an industrial rate: top 1% of Audible and Spotify listeners, avid book reader with detailed research into classics.

I am a cinephile, EXPERT on all things to do with movies, with a keen appreciation for classics. I once binge watched ALL Orson Welles media, including movies, interviews and movies never released, and Cary Grant, Bogart and many others.

In my spare time, I build WORLD CLASS investor tools and help absolute morons achieve financial success inside Stocklabs.

There will NOT be a BLACKENED FRIDAY “deal” for people to gain access to Stocklabs. When you do something well people should pay up. I might raise prices today just to keep the beggars out.

Here I am rambling again, forgetting the whole point of this blog — which was to warn you of looters descending upon America in search of inventory. I am no longer interested in writing about it, so I’ll fuck off now.

I closed +33bps for the session, 40% cash, hedged with $TZA in “cyber Monday,” which is fucking retarded. We will offer a 0% discount for Cyber Monday too.

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  1. alaric

    That was a sad view of your life. Sorry that the last time you played was in school.

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