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Before I go into holiday mode and fuck off, I got an idea whilst walking the dogs to LOAD THE FUCK UP on the highest rated stocks inside Stocklabs — hedged with some shorts. This way, I can’t lose. My longs will go up and the shorts will go up and I can achieve and unlock UNLIMITED MONEY HACKS.

With my new found fortunes, I might do aggressive takeovers and tell people about it AHEAD OF TIME to get them arrested and tossed into prison. For me friends, I’ll refrain from having them arrested, as I am honorable in this regard.

I do believe, down to the very core of who I am as a person, STOCKS WILL COLLAPSE on Friday. I also believe December will be a meaningless month, forgetful and a waste of time. I will use December to pad my year to date gains, which now stand at an impressive +49%.

Actually, I only say that to boast, when in fact my real feelings are much less secure. I do not feeeeeel any sense of achievement for 2023 and if being honest — I could’ve been better, done more. Some hedge fund managers out there would sell their souls to the devil to attain my knack for trading. I don’t think it’s really a big deal. Anyone with an IQ over 115 can trade like me, if properly motivated.

Into the balance of the session, I want things to go my way. I was just +15bps and now I’m down 12bps, as my new stratagem is turning my fortunes and smile upside down.

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